Glee will hit the road this summer

Surprise smash hit TV show, Glee will be touring!

I’m sure that the show was only green lighted due to the success of the High School Musical Trilogy, but has blown up to be a fav to more than pre-teens.  It meshes cheesy 90210-esque teen drama with over the top stereotype comedy, and a dab of Musical theory that exposes the masses to some truly remarkable songs from the past.  Sure they throw in some current pop songs into the episodes, but hey, you gotta get those crowds, they make up most of the ratings.

Anyhow, cross your fingers that they come to Canada (coughLondon, Ontariocough).

Full Article from the Sentinel Review:

Glee will hit the road this summer: Creator – Woodstock Sentinel Review – Ontario, CA.

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