Lady Gaga, Soundgarden, Green Day Set for Lollapalooza: Perry Farrell on 2010’s Big Lineup

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After a few rounds of a Wheel of Fortune-style guess-the-lineup game, Perry Farrell and the organizers of Lollapalooza have revealed the full list of artists scheduled to appear at the 2010 festival, which will take place August 6-8th at Chicago’s Grant Park. This year boasts the Illinois fest’s most eclectic and bold-faced-named slate of headliners yet: the reunited Soundgarden, Lady Gaga, Green Day, the Strokes, Arcade Fire and Phoenix. MGMT, Erykah Badu, Spoon and the Black Keys are also among the 130 bands on the bill.

The biggest catch — and in Farrell’s opinion, the toughest catch — was Lady Gaga, who will present her Monster Ball in front of its biggest audience yet. “Lady Gaga represents to me the music industry today. She’s a good representation of where it’s at and where everybody’s trying to get to. If you look at the Grammys, it looked like everybody was trying to catch up to Lady Gaga,” Farrell tells RS. “We just see the vision of Lady Gaga in Chicago in Grant Park surrounded by all those beautiful buildings — we all just thought that it would be an epic performance.”

Check out shots of Lady Gaga’s ambitious Monster Ball.

The headlining slot marks the second time Gaga will perform at Lollapalooza; Before she became Lady Gaga, she performed on the much-smaller BMI stage at the 2007 fest, and was eager to return on the big stage. “She had a real interest in doing it as well because she felt like we had given her a break to go into the world of legitimate music, you know not just pop,” Farrell said.

Go backstage at Lolla ’09 in photos.

Lollapalooza’s other huge coup was snagging Seattle grunge legends Soundgarden to headline, marking the first gig of any kind Chris Cornell and the Superunknown gang have performed since their 1997 breakup. “It was a very tough catch for us,” Farrell says of adding Soundgarden, who announced their reunion on New Year’s Day but have gone silent since. “They were ready then they weren’t ready, then they didn’t know what they were going to do and then they were going to go out with another group to tour. So we were really kind of on edge to secure them and it came down to the wire.” Soundgarden had previously performed on two Lollapalooza circuits when the festival was a roving tour, so Farrell was set on booking them again: “We’re happy that it all worked out and…

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