says it all! THANK YOU TO ALL…


A BIG THANK YOU to all the stores, customers, fans, sponsors, supporters, labels, distributors, friends and everyone else: Record Store Day 2010 was a blast. We are collecting photos, video and stories and can’t wait to share them with you. And don’t think we’re going anywhere: your local indie store is open all year, and so are we. We’ve got exclusive releases we’re working on through the year (see the info about THE BEATLES below) and every week we’ve got info on new releases, contests, store events, etc. etc. etc.  The world of the record store is strong and exciting, check back here to be a part of it all year long. 

And now, may we suggest you listen to some of your new music, or watch your new videos. Or spend some time with old favorites. And when you head out to do errands, spread some of that good feeling you got yesterday from shopping at a locally owned store to other branches of local indie retail. Hardware stores, coffee shops, car washes, dry cleaners, video stores, restaurants. We would organize a special day for all of them, but we are a little tired.”
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