Ratatat Reveal New Album LP4, Share New Song "Party With Children"

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Ratatat Reveal New Album LP4, Share New Song “Party With Children”

Ratatat: “Party With Children”

The Brooklyn-based instrumental electro-rock duo Ratatat is back. On June 8, XL will release the group’s follow-up to 2008’s LP3, the appropriately titled LP4. (That’s the cover, and the track “Party With Children”, above.) The new album features the same bold guitar leads and precise drums these guys are known for, along with some more worldly influences and a sample from the Terrence Malick film Days of Heaven.

Since we last checked in with Evan Mast and Mike Stroud, they graduated from remixing rap tracks in their own image to working with a real-life MC on Kid Cudi’s debut album last year. In a recent chat, we talked to them about that collaboration, remixing Björk, and whether their music would work better in a Doritos or Combos commercial.

Read the Q&A and check out the LP4 tracklist below:

Pitchfork: How was working with Kid Cudi on his album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day?

Evan Mast: Usually we go off somewhere super isolated and record for a month. But with Kid Cudi we went to a pro studio in Manhattan and there were lots of people there– people from label, his cousins. But we created the song from the ground up together and it was really fun. Kid Cudi would just get really giddy about things. He originally got in touch with our A&R years ago, before he put anything out. So, when he gave us a call one day and said he’d been following us for a long time, we believed it. I only heard his stuff shortly before we worked with him, though.

Pitchfork: Have you gotten a lot of offers to produce rap songs?

EM: We’ve gotten a few, but usually it’s from kids on MySpace. [laughs] Since the Kid Cudi thing, we’re starting to get more legitimate offers, but we don’t want to divulge them right now.

Pitchfork: Your new album doesn’t have any singing or rapping but, after working with Kid Cudi, did you consider trying to use some different vocalists on the record?

EM: We always find compilations where a producer teams up with a different singer for every track really boring. It’s hard to have a real collaboration because you’re going into the studio for one or tw…

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