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Marcato Musician App Keeps Bands Organized

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Name: Marcato Musician

Quick Pitch: This artist management app lets a musician organize gigs, contacts, venues and other communications, then feeds gig info to the artist’s website.

Genius Idea: Marcato Musician is a musician’s to-do list on steroids. It lets you manage communications, track deadlines, schedule gigs and meetings, organize venues and contacts, and push important info to your fans across a variety of social media channels.

The web-based artist management application lets artists (or their managers) keep track of a ton day-to-day tasks for working musicians. Being web-based, it might not work on a tour bus with no Wi-Fi, but it’ll do a great job of cloud storage and access across a wide range of users and devices.

It includes a file manager/online file storage system, an itinerary generator and even a press kit wizard. The app features a Basecamp-like task management and internal messaging suite of tools. Marcato also integrates with sites like MySpace and apps like Google Calendar.

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