Lollapalooza 2010 Saturday: Green Day Is For The Children


Even if you’re not a fan (I’m not) you gotta give Green Day credit, first for introducing Lookout! to mall-punks back in the day, later for showcasing political awareness on an MTV-sized scale. Now middle-aged dads, with armfuls of Grammys and a Broadway pedigree, they commanded the biggest crowd at Lolla so far this weekend. Some young fans were even plucked by Billie Joe to join them onstage (the trio’s Stones/Beatles medley was presumably a gift to their parents). Of course, much more happened Saturday (I’d implore you to follow us on Twitter, but (SURPRISE) AT&T is not cooperating), so Amrit and I will wrap a deeper Saturday and Sunday recap into a single post tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy these photos of Phoenix, The XX, Spoon, Metric, and more…

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