Kinks Reunion Impossible Because “Ray Davies Is An Asshole”

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Also because Ray stomped all over Dave’s birthday cake. Reunion “news” on an afternoon fraught with sibling rivalry: Ray and Dave Davies, the Kinks core gene pool and Mendelian blueprint for Noel and Liam’s bro-bickering, still don’t get along, and their sustained acrimony has all but assured you’ll never get to see a Kinks reunion show evermore. To Dave’s credit, he seems just as cynical and aware of the reputation tarnishing potential of the last few years’ Bands Reunited craze (“It would be a shame. You don’t need to see silly old men in wheelchairs ­singing ‘You Really Got Me'”), but really it’s about how much ill-will he has toward his brother: they communicate only via email, and only on business matters, having gone at least 2-3 years without seeing each other. Ray calls Dave a “proud man,” Dave calls Ray “an asshole.” These quotes Dave recently furnished The Daily Mail with are illustrative of his hard feelings. Sense of humor, too:

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