New Radiohead Out Now!! (It’s Silent, But For Charity)

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As we mentioned last month, Thom Yorke has teamed up with Bryan Ferry, Mark Ronson, Bob Hoskins, tennis player Andy Murray, and British Prime Minister David Cameron for a silent charity single called “2 Minute Silence.” I made a John Cage reference. People debated the concept. It’s almost time for you to download those two minutes of absence. The track was originally coming out 11/7, aka Britain’s Remembrance Day, but the official release date’s now 11/8. Regardless, on that official release date you’ll receive a link to an MP3 and an official video. Remember, “funds will support serving & ex-serving troops and their families.” Pre-order at silentsingle. Via deadairspace:

“wouldn’t it be great if it was number one”

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