Vampire Weekend – “Fight For This Love”

Vampire Weekend – “Fight For This Love”


2010’s cor ner stone artist on Madi son Avenue’s non de nom i na tion al hol i day mix tape, Vam pire Week end recent ly filed a BBC Radio 1 ses­sion. They came armed with horns, a maneu ver with prece dent (see:Fly ing Lotus’s own recent BBC per for mance, and/or Vam pire Week­end’s KCRW stop-in). They also knocked out a curve ball mod ern British pop-charts cover while ref er enc ing a fun da men tal ’90s R&Bjam, a ref er ence that should go appre ci at ed by any one who’s into the whole How To Dress Well/Wise Blood R&B reappropriation/revival:

“One day we were in the car dri ving to the air port and we heard a song that remind ed is of KC & Jojo “All My Life” which is a very impor tant song for peo ple our age. We were like “This song is awesome.” Then we saw her on tabloids. Who knew she was famous?”

Answer: View ers of the UK real i ty show Pop stars The Rivals, fans of Girls Aloud, and after today, peo ple who dig on curver ball cov ers made into home run MP3s by the band Vam pire Week end. Grab it, if only to get “Hol i day” out of your head.

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