Concert T-Shirt Sells For $10k

Concert T-Shirt Sells For $10k


Someone on eBay has the pleasure of owning the most expensive rock t-shirt ever won on an eBay auction, and someone from Stormcrow Vintage has the pleasure of owning $10,000 more than they did two days ago. The extremely rare tee is a Led Zeppelin shirt made for their 1979 Knebworth concerts at Knebworth House. The t-shirts were printed to be used as backstage passes. According to Brave Words, Stormcrow Vintage’s Kyle Ermatinger bought the item for $123 from the owners of the print shop that created them for Led Zeppelin. The Australian man who bought the shirt declined to comment on the story, maybe because he was too busy setting money on fire. That’s the shirt above. Check out the back, where the backstage pass lettering is:

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