Polyphonic Spree Frontman Launches New Band

Polyphonic Spree Frontman Launches New Band

Tim DeLaughter, the starry-eyed cult leader behind the Polyphonic Spree, hinted about forming a new band a few months ago. Now, he has announced his new project, Preteen Zenith. DeLaughter’s partner in the group is Philip E. Karnats, his former bandmate from 90s alt-poppers Tripping Daisy and also a former Secret Machines member. The group also includes a pair of other Polyphonic Spree members, guitarist Dylan Silvers and drummer Jason Garner. There’s a long, involved story behind DeLaughter and Karnats’ decision to reignite their old partnership, which you can read at the Preteen Zenith website.H6fAtmO8ohM

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